Bringing You Bejeweled Stars
May 17th, 2016 1:12 pm


Bejeweled has a new game version available on the popular mobile platforms. Below is an extract from the official release notes:

  • We have 15 years of Bejeweled innovations under our belt, so we’re in a special place to bring you something completely new. Our ultimate goal with Bejeweled Stars is to create an experience where being “you” matters. We want to enable you to progress and play your way. Here are few ways that we think we delivered on that vision:
  • Collect SkyGems as you play and use them to create Powers like the Scrambler, Flame Swapper, Flutter Gust and more
  • Experience new challenges. Turn obstacles into your* advantage as you get to know Currents, Clouds, Glaciers and more
  • Earn Stars to light up the night sky and complete Constellations to unlock Special Powers
  • Open Chests to unlock Charms, dazzling Bejeweled emojis. Collect them all to tell your Bejeweled story
  • Use them to express yourself and send personal messages to friends

In Bejeweled Stars, we’ve tried to build in a variety of goals. If you want to quickly jump in while you’re waiting for the bus or for your kids in the school pick-up line, then we have the experience for you! You can use SkyGems to create Powers or use a Key to unlock some new Charms. You can make real progress even when you don’t have time to tackle a level. Later in the day, when you might have a little more time, you can dive in and be more strategic.

For more information, please click here [Official release notes].