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DreamHost Webmail Interface Upgrades
January 14th, 2020 8:55 pm

DreamHost will be upgrading its webmail interface for all DreamHost email customers!
DreamHost is an amazing hosting company. We know this first-hand. We use their services.
Here’s the message that is being sent to subscribers:

Please note, this upgrade will require a brief maintenance window on Tuesday 1/21 starting at 4pm and ending at 10pm PST where them DreamHost webmail site may be temporarily unavailable. However, message delivery will not be affected, and you’ll also have uninterrupted access to your accounts via desktop and mobile IMAP email clients.
Our new webmail interface uses Roundcube, a popular and modern webmail client that receives regular updates to add helpful new features.

After the update you’ll receive:

  • Drag-and-drop message management
  • Better support for large mailboxes
  • Spellchecking!
  • Threaded messages
  • “Find as you type” address book integration
  • A responsive, mobile-friendly skin
  • Attachment previews
  • An improved email backend, with quick & reliable logins
  • An open-source backend (Okay, this one’s for us. We love open source.)

What’s NOT changing:

  • Your email address(es) and passwords will stay the same.
  • You’ll continue to use the same webmail login URL: https://webmail.dreamhost.com/
  • Existing messages, folders, and filters will remain in place
  • Mobile and desktop IMAP email clients will keep working
    like normal. (But you’re still invited to log in to webmail and enjoy that new interface smell)
  • Your monthly bill. Whether email is bundled with your hosting plan, or you’ve added individual email accounts to your domain, this upgrade won’t cost anything extra!

You told us you wanted even more power out of a webmail client, and we’re absolutely confident that this upgrade will deliver! We can’t wait for you to experience one of the best web-based email experiences on the planet, and we’re working behind the scenes to ensure the launch goes swimmingly.

Remember, there’s no action required on your part. Just kick back, hit refresh, and prepare to be blown away…as much as a webbased email client can blow a person away. Which for some of you? That’s a lot.


The Happy DreamHost Webmail Improvement Team

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